Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My friends have become enamored of a certain game: Agricola. Now, a few of my friends are absolutely nuts about various board games, but not board games that most of you have heard of. No, these are . . . unique geames. Ever heard of Settlers of Catan? That sort of thing. Anyway, the newest great game is Agricola. Let me explain it to you.

First off, there's the craps table element. Ever been to a casino and been blown away by how many hands are moving around, doing various things at one table? It seems like chaos. This is nothing in comparison to this game.

The fundamental elements of the game are pretty straight forward, though. It's basically a mix of checkers, Magic the Gathering, Jenga, Risk and Beer Pong.
As far as photography goes, this one was my favorite shot. The other two, honestly, weren't that great. This one is . . . pretty alright.
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