Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hats, originally uploaded by RLHyde.


these are my hats. I know I've appeared in one or two other hats before, but these three are the only ones I really wear out and about. I contend that the short-billed "conductor" hat is the only kind that I look good in.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Plastic Flamingo

Plastic Flamingo, originally uploaded by RLHyde.


The Matthaei Bottanical Gardens was advertising "Frolicking Flamingos" as we drove up their driveway today. However, the gardens themselves were overrun with some banal wedding or something, so I only got to photograph the ones out in the entryway

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holy Crap

Holy Crap, originally uploaded by RLHyde.


It got suddenly late, and Kathleen made me realize that I hadn't taken a photo. Oh vacation, how you knock me out of my routine!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Technology

Old Technology, originally uploaded by RLHyde.


These things just stare at me uselessly every time I'm in front of the TV. Things change so quickly.

This one needs to be seen as big as possible.

Mosquito Bite Cure

Mosquito Bite Cure, originally uploaded by RLHyde.


Some of the effects of the vacation are still wearing off - specifically, the dozens of mosquito bites on Kathleen's legs and feet. She looked up a recipe for treatment, though. Apparently you need to swab each bite with rubbing alcohol and then cover the area with scotch tape and leave it covered. She said it works pretty well, but it might not be worth the bother of having your legs covered in strips of scotch tape, thus making it uncomfortable to walk.


Comptometer, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 12/12)

I had originally intended on taking pictures of the Saugatuck Dunes in Michigan on the last day of our vacation, but I forgot to grab my camera before we went hiking. However, next to the dunes is this old mansion that is open to the public. The builder of the mansion was Dorr Eugene Felt, inventer of the Comptometer, an invention I had been unaware of but now love. They had a ton of them on display, and this was one of them inside a glass case. I liked the dreamy effect the shallow DoF and reflections on the glass created.

And so ended our vacation. It was a phenomenal time, and I'm still sad that it's over.

Farewell to Camping

Farewell to Camping, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 11/12)

We woke up at home on a Sunday morning, having driven 20 hours the day before. Our vacation was cut 2 days short. We were both saddened by this, so on a whim, I said, "Hey, let's drive to Fort Custer, camp there, then spend the next day at the Dunes." We both raced out of bed, into the shower, and grabbed breakfast. So we got one more good day of camping in another beautiful state park. This photo is of the top of our trusty little tent.


Mushroom, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 10/12)

Alright, truth be told, I didn't take a photo on this day. Why? Because we were driving originally from Camden, Maine to Niagra, New York, but when we realized the camp ground we were going to stay at was disgusting, and after a reservation we quickly booked through fell through, and after the lady at the hotel we thought we were going to stay at told us that no hotel in the area (Canadian side or US side) had vacancies due to a giant rowing competition or something, we decided to continue to drive through the night until we got home. So this photo was of a mushroom growing in our camp site in Maine. This is all natural light, btw.

Penobscot Bay

Penobscot Bay, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 9/12)

Desperately wanting more awesome views, but not more mountain climbing, we decided to drive up to the top of Mount Battie, which wasn't quite as high up as Mount Megunticook. I just couldn't get enough of these stunning views of the harbor.

Camden Harbor

Camden Harbor, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 8/12)

We decided to stick to the low lands the following day. This is a shot of beautiful Camden Harbor. See, the rain only really came on in the evening, so our days were full of beautiful sky and light, thankfully.

Atop Mt. Megunticook

Atop Mt. Megunticook, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 7/12)

On the first full day at Camden, we decided to walk from the edge of the bay (sea level) all the way up to the viewing ridge of Mount Megunticook (elevation 1300 ft.). Now, I like hiking, but let's be serious - I'm from Michigan. Hiking in Michigan is basically taking a long stroll through the woods. I was not at all prepared for the high grade slope up the side of a frickin' mountain! But once we got to the top and got to see the view, it was all immediately worth it, and I look forward to doing it again (though next time I'll train on the stair climber for a few weeks).

Token Camp Fire Shot

Token Camp Fire Shot, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 6/12)

Finally we reached Camden Maine, where we were to spend the majority of our vacation. I love camping, camp fires, and cooking over said fires. I can't wait to go camping again!

Vacation Disaster Summary

Vacation Disaster Summary, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 5/12)

Our vacation met with many disasters, among them a failing phone and a case of strep throat (as represented above). Other disasters on this vacation included: torrential downpours while camping, an exploding lawn chair, a broken train, breaking camp in the rain, tornadoes, failure, driving for 20 hours straight, the heat wave, a general head and chest cold, and probably a few others things I'm forgetting. With all that said, this really was the best vacation I've ever been on :)


Progression, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation set: 4/12)

We visited Yale, Kathleen's Alma Mater. It was a lovely place, but I particularly liked the Women's Table Fountain, designed by Maya Lin (who also designed the Vietnam War Memorial). From the center of the fountain (placed in on an oval piece of granite) radiates the number of women admitted into Yale every year. You can see some of the numbers in this photo. Look at it larger to get the full effect.

Croquet, Not Today

Croquet, Not Today, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation series: 3/12)

On the third day of our vacatoin, I met virtually all of Kathleen's extended family (at least those who lived in New Jersey). We had a croquet set outside in case anyone wanted to play. We didn't, opting to listen to her grandfather's stories for hours instead, but as the sun began to set, the light on the mallets was just too good.

Name That Ad

Name That Ad, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation series: 2/12)

This old advertisement was found near the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side of NYC.

Rest Stop

Rest Stop, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(vacation series: 1/12)

This was taken at a rest stop in Pennsylvania on our way to lovely New Jersey. I didn't have much time for anything more fancy than this.

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