Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Do You Think is In There?

My good friend and colleague, Amber, and her husband, Justin, have recently had their first baby, Alivia. I just met her for the first time today (the baby, obviously), and she is a genuinely adorable little girl. I'm not saying that in the "aw, it's a baby, of course it's adorable" way, because sometimes babies are ugly, but she is really, really cute.

About a month ago I did this photo shoot. It was my idea, and today I delivered these final products as my official gift to them.

It should be noted that during the shoot, Amber was wearing a bra, as we both sort of decided that, you know, it'd be weird otherwise. Anyway, the goal was to make it look as though she wasn't wearing a bra, and if I do say so myself, the results were awesome.

Very little work had to be done on this shot. It's adorable.

Yes, she was wearing a bra for this.

No seriously, there used to be a bra there. Isn't Amber the cutest pregnant woman ever?

This was done a couple of weeks later. We did a shot that looks like this originally, but I was a little nervous the whole time and didn't realize that her ring was crooked. So I came back later and did this with an on-camera flash. The results are good, but I'm going to be investing in some better flash equipment soon.

If you're an ECA person and happen to visit Amber, Justin and Alivia, be sure to ask to see the framed pics!
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