Sunday, April 5, 2009

That Squirrel Would Be COVERED in Makeup

David and I were out on the back porch the other day when a very nosey squirrel decided to come up and investigate. I ran back inside to grab my camera, but squirrels don't pose, and when they do, they don't pose in visually interesting places (these are the rules that I've just made up). However, I managed to get a couple of visually interesting shots.

Bonus points for finding both Eddie Izzard references.

I liked this one because of the lattice being in sharper focus than the squirrel. It's just a bit different than usual. I've also gotten into the habit of cropping things down to emphasize the most visually interesting elements in the shot, so this one is a standard 8x10 crop.

I tried cropping this one in all sorts of ways, but the most interesting version was the original. Unfortunately I don't have a better zoom lens . . . something I'm going to try to correct some time this summer.
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