Friday, July 17, 2009

Think Green

Think Green, originally uploaded by RLHyde [breatheindigital].

This is a tribute to my water bottle. If you've ever seen me anywhere, then you've probably seen me with this water bottle. It's been dented, scuffed, inadvertantly slammed into the ground, it's become a projectile in my car during hard stops, and it's been left behind more than once.

But mostly, it's been loved.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Star Break

All Star Break, originally uploaded by RLHyde [breatheindigital].

The success the Tigers had in 2006 is fading into distant memory, but this year is looking pretty good. Therefore, during this All Star break, I'd like to pay a little tribute to the home team.

This is best viewed large and on a white background.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Christa and Ryan are Married!

Reflection, originally uploaded by RLHyde [breatheindigital].

My buddy Christa got married last Friday to Ryan (not me, different Ryan, don't worry :P). These two have been together for years, and I've seen them go through fantastic times and rougher times (mostly from Christa's perspective, as I've only hung out with Ryan a hand full of times), and I know that this marriage will work out. I'm exceedingly happy for both of them :)

The second shot here was my favorite of the night, actually. Kesha, a bridesmaid and one of Christa's closest friends, caught the bouquet, much to her chagrin. I love the expressions both of these women are giving, and I love that you can get the "Yeah, this is real great, thanks" sarcastic tone from Kesha, even though she's definitely out of focus.

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