Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Drapes

Fall Drapes, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

My second and potentially last fall shot. This was taken in the parking lot of my apartment complex. It was a little breezy, so I couldn't get the leaves as crisp as I wanted, but I think the effect still works.

Funny story. As I was taking this, this really sketchy guy came out from the playground that's on the other side of these leaves. I didn't even see him back there until he came forward because, you know, it's dark. He said, "I really don't like having pictures taken of me." And I'm thinking to msyelf, you clearly know nothing about cameras. After him mumbling something about whether or not I was doing a movie (???), I said, "I'm not taking pictures of you, I'm taking a picture of this," gesturing toward the pretty leaves. He finally figured it out and said, "Oh, well good luck then," and wandered back to the playground and proceeded to stare at me until I was done. Creepy, creepy time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Carpet

Fall Carpet, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

The view from my living room is lovely this time of year.

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