Friday, October 2, 2009

It's been a while

With life being as crazy as it's ever been, it's been hard for Cammila and I to find time to do a shoot. Fortunately tonight we both ended up at the same social engagement: watching TV at my place. Photos were taken. Life was(is) good.


Exciting news, everyone!

First off, it's been a busy week so I was not able to post a new shot on Wednesday. Many apologies.

However, recently I was solicited to publish one of my photos of Cammila in a free, online magazine called Talent Photo. It's largely a central/south American publication, but this photo was found through Flickr and apparently they wanted it in their glamor section. I gladly give them a copy, and the issue just came out today. I'm on page 16!

Please take a look, and look at past stuff as well. They're a pretty decent little publication. Lots of great material.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Saturday we celebrated Cammila's birth by singing karaoke all night long. I kicked some ass, by the way, but I also took some photos. Above are Cammila and David, my previously un-pictured roommate, and below is Charlie Slick, the people's synthesist, singing someone else's tunes for once.

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