Friday, August 7, 2009

Through Her Fingers

Kathleen and I took a walk through the Arb yesterday evening to try out a style of photography that I haven't really experimented with before. The idea is to create pastel, blown-out portraits, but still have them sharp and clear enough to work as portraits. So far I like the results. I'm sure I'll be using this more in the future.

Also, this is a slightly photoshopped version of the photo. I used a trick to add sort of a pink hue to the shot. If you click on Read More, you can view the original as well!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tip of the Hat

To view today's picture, click on "Read More". It is behind a cut because some may deem this not safe for work.

A Tip of the Hat, originally uploaded by RLHyde [breatheindigital].

This is another shot from the boudoir set I did with Amanda a couple of weeks ago. This is going to be the last of them I post up. I just met with her on Sunday to go over the proofs, and she has selected a dozen of them that she's going to turn into 16x24 prints (they're going to be great at that resolution), and she was exceedingly happy with everything. This entire experience has been fantastic, and I look forward to doing more paid work on the side in the future.

How could would it be to be a teacher with a Summer photography gig?

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Series of Lines that Intersect

Clearly I've struck upon a theme when it comes to self portraits. I haven't exhausted the possibilities with it yet, so look forward to some more surrealist/creepy stuff with me as the subject matter in the future.

David, my roommate, helped me decide which pics should go up tonight. He liked the first one here because of how my fingers are splayed out. He thinks it makes it difficult to tell which way is up, and I like that. Here it is large and on black

This second one, he says, appears as though I'm coming through a portal from another dimension. And I am.

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