Saturday, April 25, 2009

Substitute Pets

So my apartment complex doesn't allow dogs, and I do so desperately want a dog. Thankfully, a colleague of mine, Wendy, asked me to dog sit last weekend while she and her husband went up north to play in the snow (heh). Anyway, I was finally able to use the AM "golden hour" (that sunrise/sunset light that makes everything look pretty) because these dogs are very used to being up and adventurous at an absurdly early hour. Ahem. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Osgood (left) and Munster (right) love to fight for toys.

Here we can see Munster performing a sweet side kick.

While he's definitely a handful, this dog is absolutely gorgeous.

To round things off, I wanted to post this pic of Amber's cat, Kitty (I can't help but chuckle at the name every time). I took this while doing a follow up shoot for the rings-on-belly shot from the BW maternity series. Kitty happened to get up in my face as I was testing my flash, and this photo came out. I wish the left eye were more in focus, but I absolutely love how the whiskers appear as stark white due to the flash going off not six inches from them.
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