Friday, August 21, 2009

First Time for Everything

This is Judy, and this was her first time trying to be a model. Everybody has had pictures taken of them, but being expected to do something interesting and/or attractive WHILE someone is taking a picture of you can be a little bit . . . intense. And she was a bit tense and nervous at first, but as the night went on, she loosened up more and more. Cammila also came along for the ride to give her some pointers and bolster her confidence, which was great because I was very focused on the photography (manual focus lenses at night when you can hardly see your model are a pain in the ass; I'll be buying an autofocus 50mm lens soon, even though it's going to cost me just under 4 times what I paid for my manual focus one!).

Overall, a successful night was had by all.


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