Sunday, March 21, 2010


80_365 Healthcare, originally uploaded by RLHyde.

(for the sake of my Facebook friends, who sometimes don't see this until the next day, this was posted at 9:30 on 3/21/10)

I try to keep this project as much about art (and random objects) as possible, but I thought a topical photo was important tonight.

To clarify, I'm very much in support of the current healthcare reform legislation. It's about time we start giving the tools needed for the lower class to achieve middle class life back to the poor. This helps with that. It's about time we recognize healthcare as a basic right afforded to us in the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" clause. This helps with that as well. More importantly, it's about time the Democratic legislative and executive branches finally follow through on what we elected them to do.

Here's to hoping we have a bill passed tonight.


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