Monday, February 16, 2009

Be My Franken(VALEN)tine

First off, sorry about the delay in posts. The muse has not struck me? I've been under the weather? I dunno. I definitely missed an opportunity there when the weather was awesome. In any case, I'm back.

So, Valentine's Day happened recently. Being single, this day usually sucks. However, I decided to make the best of it by spending the weekend in Kalamazoo with my friend Kary. Among other things, we sang, we danced (to rave music at a Sushi bar in downtown Kalamazoo of all places . . .), we ate foods, we watched movies, and we made muffins. Also, I caught a cold that is currently kicking the ever living shit out of me. Sorry for not being as witty as usual.

This is Kary and her cat Max. I might come back and photoshop this one to recess the background a bit more and do some other color enhancements.

Max is a cuddle slut (quoth Kary). he also has green eyes. My green bag reflected in them was pretty cool.

This is her screen. It's pretty, especially from this angle.

There will be another post in Kalamazoo, taken the next day at a coffee shop. Look for it soon.
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