Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tones of Home

During my last few years in high school, and overlapping into every trip back to Kalamazoo I made during my first two years at EMU, I tended to frequent a particular coffee shop called "Boogies." Now, Kalamazoo is famous for a couple of things, such as: poverty, PCB (look it up) and 24 hour coffee shops. Boogies, at that time, was my favorite of those shops.

Well, years went by, and Boogies went out of business. This saddened me at first, but then I latched onto The 4th Coast as my main go-to coffee house (pictures of that will have to be taken the next trip I take). The space, however, was always destined to have something to do with roasted beans, and it changed owners several times (my favorite interim occupier was Ali Babba's Hookah Lounge, though a place like that was never going to survive in a city like Kzoo). Now it is "The Strutt," and I must say, they've done a lot of good to the place. They expanded the space a bit, added a small stage, have live music every day, got their liquor licence, and turned it into an all purpose venue/hangout. It's really quite nice. Here are a few shots (sorry, I was too lazy to walk around and get things from multiple angles, so these are all taken from the same spot on a couch.

First off, the fireplace. It was always there, but I never remembed it being in use in the olden days. It's a nice, warm, homey touch.

There is no space left undadorned. Everywhere you look ther is something to catch your attention just enough to not make it boring, but not so "cathy" as to perpetually distract you. I quite like it.
Overall, I recommend you look it up and give it a try if ever you're in Kzoo for some inexplicable reason.
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